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Welcome to Etalon Concierge, where luxury meets personalization in lifestyle management and corporate concierge services. Our meticulously crafted packages are designed to cater to your unique preferences, ensuring an unparalleled experience at every turn. Whether you're seeking entry-level services with tailored lifestyle management, premium access to exclusive events, or jet-setting experiences for international visits, our packages are curated with sophistication and attention to detail. With dedicated lifestyle and relationship managers, VIP access to top-notch venues, and security services, we transform ordinary moments into extraordinary memories. Explore our range of corporate solutions, including seamless business travel bookings and executive holiday planning. At Etalon Concierge, our packages are not just services; they are reflections of your individuality, providing a gateway to a lifestyle where every detail is tailored to you.

Afternoon Cocktail


Experience a taste of luxury with curated lifestyle management—personalized services, exclusive restaurant access, and tailored retail experiences. While not 24/7, our entry-level membership still provides a glimpse into the world of sophistication and refined living.

  • Tailored lifestyle management: lifestyle curation, personalised services to suit client profile, advice & recommendations

  • Access to restaurants, bars, clubs

  • Access to member parties

  • Personalised retail services

  • Unlimited access to lifestyle manager during weekdays

Waiter with Champagne Pyramid


Premium ensures uncompromised access—24/7 VIP privileges to top-tier restaurants, exclusive events, sold-out shows, luxury shopping, and bespoke international bookings. Elevate your lifestyle with security and networking tailored to the pinnacle of opulence.

  • VIP access to restaurants, events, clubs 

  • Entry to sold-out shows / events

  • Luxury shopping experiences

  • Dedicated lifestyle and relationship manager

  • International bookings 

  • Security 

  • Networking opportunities



For clients who require more than our travel services but not long-term membership while in South Africa or Dubai, this short-term membership is perfect for international visitors who desire uncompromising access to luxury lifestyle: 

  • Concierge services for visitors

  • Access to luxury lifestyle services in South Africa or Dubai

  • Exclusive access to entertainment and experiences 

  • All services offered to our premium members.

Modern Watch


Elevate your business engagements with our tailored suite of services. From seamless business travel bookings and fine dining arrangements to exclusive access to sporting events and executive holidays, our Corporate Excellence Package ensures a perfect blend of professionalism and opulence for your business endeavors.

  • Business Travel Bookings

  • Fine Dining Arrangements

  • Sporting , Live Experiences & Event Access

  • Executive Holidays

  • Security Services

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